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About Us

Our History

San Juan Sports was established in 1974 by former owner, George Ameel. George ran the store on his own until he married Charlene Ameel. Together, George and Charlene developed their beloved store into one of Creede's most popular shops. They dedicated their lives to providing a creative retail shop that stayed open 360 days a year while remaining family owned. In February 2011, George and Charlene sold San Juan Sports to Michael and Amy McNeil, who presently own the shop. Michael and Amy have continued San Juan Sports’ traditions of being a well-loved store.

In April of 2011, San Juan Sports went under construction to remodel the look and layout of the store. The new rustic and eclectic shape that San Juan Sports took on makes for an enjoyable shopping experience. Bring your bumper stickers from your local areas and slap them on the door in the shoe room. If you have an old pair of boots that you need to get rid of, string them up outside on the San Juan Sports sign. If you haven't seen it yet, come check out the new look.

About the Owners: Michael & Amy McNeil

Michael and Amy met in college at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, in Bartlesville, OK. Michael played basketball and received a History degree and Amy played tennis and received a degree in nursing. Upon graduation, Amy returned to her hometown of Austin, TX to take a nursing job at a children's hospital. Meanwhile, Michael was finishing his last year of college. Upon his graduation, Michael decided not to return to his hometown of Edmond, OK and instead took a job in Austin, where Amy was. It was during this time when they decided that this was not the life for them. Because Amy's parents had a cabin in the nearby town of South Fork, Amy was very familiar with San Juan Sports and contacted former owners George and Charlene Ameel to inquire about the sale of the business. After a little of this and a little of that, one wedding and one purchase later, Michael and Amy closed on the business on Jan 31st 2011. They have found a home in Creede that suits their dream lifestyle and satisfies their cravings for outdoor adventure. Work hard for awhile, then play hard for the rest of the time. Michael and Amy truly enjoy their mountain town, and embrace the lifestyle with big hearts. Together, they plan to own San Juan Sports until they are ready to hand it down to their children (which are not here yet,) or a beloved family member!

When Amy is not in the shop, she enjoys fly-fishing the many streams and ponds in the area, big peak hiking, skiing anything with snow, going out dancing, and attending the Creede Repertory Theatre. When leaving the San Juan Mountains, Amy's favorite spots include beautiful beaches, salt water fishing, and anywhere she can soak up the sun! She also enjoys Mission Trips and humanitarian projects. You will find Amy nursing at the Creede Clinic once a week in the summers!

When Michael is not in the shop, he enjoys hiking and backpacking anywhere his feet will take him, running the local trails, skiing Colorado's best powder, and then doing it all over again. When Michael is not in the mountains his preference is to be in the tropics, enjoying the cultures, with a local brew in hand!

Both, Michael and Amy are passionate about traveling. They believe in the importance of enjoying life by living the life they love. Come meet them at San Juan Sports. If they aren't there, chances are they are skiing, hiking, or traveling.

San Juan Sports' Team Members

Dana Goss

Dana was born and raised in Creede. She has been employed at San Juan Sports for 29 years. In the summer you will find here taking long walks or hiking the side of a mountain. She also enjoys attending the Creede Repertory Theatre as well as perusing the local shops and galleries. In winter she is passionate about snowshoeing and loves reading a good book by the fire with a cup of tea. Weekends usually find her hanging out at home with her husband, two teenage sons, and Oreo, the cat.


Annie Butler

Annie found Creede in 2001 and has stuck around for the beauty, art, people, and her family. She enjoys acting during the summers at Creede Repratory Theatre, easy backpacking in our 2 wilderness areas, painting animals, and lecturing her friends about animal rights. Ask her about it! Go MSR!


Regan Hathorn

Regan grew up in South Fork, Colorado, a town near Creede. She attended Colorado State University, where she received a Bachelors of Arts in History with minors in Business Administration and Spanish. She loves hiking, camping, being in the mountains, and taking photographs of wildflowers and wildlife. In Regan's spare time you will find her reading anything she can get her hands on and baking cookies for friends and family. As a member of Operation Baking Gals she sends boxes and boxes of homemade cookies to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. At San Juan Sports Regan does all things tech. Ask her about the local history as well as the history of the San Luis Valley.


Jim Turnbull

Having been born and raised in sunny Southern California, and trying my stint as a surfer and musician, I later discovered a desire to experience something other than crowds, warm ocean breezes and temperate evenings. So a move to snow, mountains, and cold seemed in order and off to Flagstaff, Arizona I headed. After a few years and a B.S. Degree in Natural Resource Mgt., I began a career in the logging industry, which brought me to Colorado. Once my environmental conscience kicked in, I left this industry, moved to Scottsdale, Arizona (evidently have a need to switch climates every few years) and worked as a Systems Analyst for some time. Of course I enjoyed the opportunity to hike the Grand Canyon and a number of beautiful areas in the Sonoran Desert.

Time to get back to the cold, so I took advantage of an opportunity to move back to Colorado and settled in the gorgeous city of Creede with my wife Sherry. I now work for San Juan Sports and an environmental advocacy group in Durango. Oh yeah, and I get to pretend to be a musician on occasion in a blues band and prove how really poor some people can ski at Wolf Creek. Life has been good.


Josh Mietz

Dr. Joshua R. Mietz is the Professor of Clarinet at both Fort Lewis and San Juan Colleges as well as the Co-Director of Choirs at the First United Methodist Church in Durango, Colorado. 

In his spare time, Mietz enjoys ultra-marathon running, fly-fishing, mountaineering and is an active member of Lancaster 54 AF&AM.  He has finished the Hardrock 100, the Leadville Trail 100 in less than 23 hours, finished 8th in the 2008 Silver Rush 50 Mile, and qualified for the Boston Marathon six times. At the time of this writing, he has run to the summit of 9 of the 54 Colorado 14-ers, a goal he aims to complete “someday.” He would also like to give a short recital on the top of a 14-er and is looking for collaborators up to the challenge.