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Our ambassador program showcases locals, professionals and everyone in between using or wearing San Juan Sports Gear.


William “Billy” Goff

Hometown: Dallas Texas
Resides: Durango Colorado

Which season are you most glad to see come your way?
The summer season.... waters floatable... fish are on the search for big drys.. plus it’s not cold anymore!

Bob Marley or Willie Nelson?
Bob Marley

What do you dig most about the town of Creede?
The town of Creede is... rustic, lovable, and a hidden gem. It has a lot of un-pressured water and wilderness access. It is beyond solid..

Mexican food or bbq? And whatever your answer is which is your favorite joint?
Easy question, Mexican food.... favorite spot in the local area is... Ramon’s just a town over.

So you’re in school at Fort Lewis College what are you studying and what might you hope to do with what you learn?
Yes, senior year studying environmental policy, I hope to get into river restoration work. Also, run a guide service one day!!!

Would you rather be caked in salt water hunting down permit and bone fish or wading the San Juan or Rio looking for those speckly slippery things?
I have played around in the salt.. however, freshwater fishing is my passion.. chasing any type of freshwater fish... particularly trout!

What is your most memorable catch?
Most every fish is memorable...Whether it’s a 27 inch brown out of the Animas river or a 24 inch Cutbow out of the Rio Grande River. Or even a 15inch Brooke out of  the South Fork... what’s most memorable is the times with your crew. Personally, my most memorable moments are the times I fish with the one who taught me fly fishing.. good old pop’s...



Jason “Turtle” Hannon

Hometown: Brenham Texas    
Reside: Austin Texas

When did you start fishing?
7 years old I was throwing a Green Zebco push button off the banks of a pond on a ranch we lived on in Brenham, catching largemouth bass. That’s the first pull I remember as a kid. I remember I could cast that thing a mile and it felt so cool. Shortly after that my dad who was a hardcore Texas coastal guy started taking me every weekend to different bays along the coast, wading and fishing from his bay boat for reds and specks. I didn’t realize at the time the amount of fish we were catching every time but limiting out on both species was the norm. Backyard fish fries that followed with homemade tarter sauce was the bomb and that’s what I really looked forward to.  I didn’t start fly fishing until later in my mid-twenties. I was fascinated by the technicality of the casting motion and the way it felt like almost an artform to deliver the fly. I still every time I fish practice different styles and ways to deliver the fly. At this point I have been doing a lot of backhanded casting which feels really natural and smooth.

Mexican food of BBQ?
Well Tex-Mex is the preferred version for me and the only version imo. When I have my choice I go to Flores Tex Mex in Austin. Best salsa and marg in town! 2 margs on the rocks here and you’re on the rocks next!

Which season are you most glad to see come your way?
I really like the fall, for us in Texas it’s a late Fall like late Oct-Nov, that’s when it cools down and the recreational boaters go away and the lakes and streams are quiet.

Bob Marley or Willie Nelson?
You can’t choose between these 2, they are gods in their own right. Each has contributed so much to their genre and while one has left the legacy of good vibes and one love the other is possibly one of the greatest songwriters in history with Willie still alive and kicking and not taking shit from anyone. They are both renegades and kings! If I had to go one way though its Bob all day! Sorry Willie I still love you!

Would you ever want to write a book?
I have thought about it a lot. I am not sure I can figure out a way to compose it and make it make any sense to anyone and also not sure anyone would care honestly haha. I have seen a couple of people I know try to put out a little paperback of stories and stuff but honestly they seemed really whack and I wouldn’t want to sound like a kook. I will keep it in my thoughts for the future for sure.

If you are not in the water fishing where else might you be found doing something you are passionate about?
I am an artist as much as anything. You can always find me in front of the easel painting contemporary abstract oil on canvas work. I would love to get to the point where I am having solo shows and or co-op shows in galleries. I have been working the last 2 years on saving all my work up so I can have a broad range of paintings to choose from. Follow me and see my work @art_by_turtle on IG.

Would you rather be caked in salt water hunting down bone fish, out in the ole John boat turning the bass upside down or Rio Grande looking for those speckly slippery things?
After spending most of my time in the water in Texas hunting for hog largemouths and having spent quite a few years in CO catching these smartass trout. I recently went on a trip to Abaco Lodge in the Bahamas and now I would say that bonefish are the funnest fish I have ever hunted and felt on a fly rod.

Has fishing taught you anything?
Yes it has taught me patience mostly and that all things are achievable thru persistence and grinding. Those days you get skunked are often rewarded with days of lunkers or 20 fish days. You know they are coming and you need to chill. More than anything its important to look around when you are out there. Most of the time its about being in nature and one with the water and wildlife and in touch with earth for a few minutes or hours or days! Stop and take it all in! The fish will always be there!